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A lot of young children with creative skills are determined to put the past behind them and actively work towards a brighter future. We hope to bring the media to children in vulnerable communities in Africa and other parts of the world. By collaborating with schools in Africa and around the world, we want to create a global learning community among children in developed countries and children in developing countries through the magic of media and the Internet. Sometimes problems across the globe seem so far away and students may feel sad about it, but they don’t feel a real connection and they need to. It is really good for children in developed countries to know how life can be for children in developing countries, and it is really good for children in developing countries to know how life can be for children in developed countries. It will increase their knowledge, so when they grow up they will have a better view of the world.

The collaborative and interactive work of children will allow them to meet their peers in other countries through the internet, face to face, magazines, photos, videos, music, help raise funds to support the poor children’s education, making joint publication, and more. Most importantly, it will give them a lasting connection. It’s a new world of connecting, a world where children learn in a way of comparing their different cultures from around the world.

Participants worldwide are encouraged to share their stories, ideas, and experiences with their colleagues around the world. The children can share their activities, music, photos, art work, and short film documentaries as a means of sharing what is going on in their part of the world. Our main concern is to see that all children enjoy a good and a brighter future.

As part of our collaboration we are reaching out to people, companies, organizations, and other people around the world who want to collaborate. We will continue to create short films, newsletters, stories, music, and photographs. It is our hope that your students will also want to share their creativity with us. In this way, we can come together and learn from each other.

Some of our partners have already made it possible for us to bring our part of the world to you. A school in Slovenia sent the funds for us to purchase a computer. Another school in the United States was able to send us digital and video cameras. Our students are now able to show other students first-hand what it is like to live in a third world country and we are able to learn what it is like in other parts of the world. We are all discovering the richest content of all–student generated content.

If you are interested in working with our students, please contact ikamara@empoweringchildrenschool.org or go to the Contact Us page on this website.

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