Free education package to be unveiled today

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Alpha Timbo, said the President will unveil the full education package at the Miata Conference in Freetown, today, Monday 20th August 2018. It’s less than a month away from the beginning of the school year and the country eagerly awaits some concrete information and explanations about the government’s free, quality education program.
Minister Timbo said his branch of the Ministry did a national schools survey to ascertain the number of schools and pupils in all government and supported schools, re-established school management committees and reviewed the Education Act. The Minister said they have banned the construction of new schools across the country until proper apportions of pupils are done per school, ahead of September 2018. With less than a month before schools re-open, the Minister said, “Everything is in place to ensure the proper and effective implementation of the government’s top agenda program.”
Assie Sheriff is a mother of two. She expressed optimism despite the fact that school charges were not that huge. But, the extra charges by school authorities were almost four times the annual normal school fees. She said they are hoping that the free, quality education package will capture tuition fees, uniforms, books, pencils, pens, external examination fees, and so on. The government should discourage school authorities from receiving money for arts and crafts, flogging canes, drinking bowls, colour/sport days, payments for report cards and other bribes paid to teachers and principals.
Sheriff said the education plan will hopefully assist parents, especially mothers, from the burden of paying tuition fees and other charges that were self-imposed by teachers and head of schools.

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