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Early childhood development, Primary Education and Global network


A world where children learn in a way of comparing their different cultures from around the world.

The collaborative and interactive work of children will allow them to meet their peers in other countries through the internet, face to face, magazines, photos, videos, music, help raise funds to support the poor children’s education, making joint publication, and more.

Goodbye Mr.Guthrie and MRS.Tindale

Staffs from our partner school St. Mary in Hull

Staffs From our partner school St Mary in Hull spent a week at our school introducing talk 4 writing and contributing to the community development

A Volunteer making a difference

MS. Son from South Korea helping teachers

A volunteer from South Korea MS. BO Young Son facilitated a two weeks professional development training for staffs at the empowering children school along with Mr. Kamara. Part of it, we say good bye to corporal punishment. The training is a fantastic resource after the community had frown at all forms of physical punishment.


The Empowering Children Primary School

The curriculum is structure around subject areas. Six subject areas, namely Creative Practical Art, Environmental Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Health Education and Religious Education, describe the curriculum for the grade 1 to 2. For grade 3 to 6, two more subjects areas, namely, Science and pre-Vocational studies are added to those above