How is the school organized?

The Empowering Children schiool primary  is a six years course  consisting grade 1 to 6. Entrance exams are  conducted for newly admitted pupils. it's base on the performance of the child school will admitted him/her to his/ her appropriate class.These form groups which are mix ability are organized in various classrooms. With these discipline, subject are the set to make sure pupils achieved their full potential .

Grade one and two: Subjects

   1.  Number work                     6.  English activity [phonic]

  2.  Social studies                      7.   Physical health education

  3. General science                    8.  Religious moral education

   4. Creative practical arts       9. Reading skills

    5. Spellings                                10. Poetry


Grade 3 and 4

   1. Mathematics                               8.  English activity

   2. spelling and dictation             9.  Poetry [drama]

    3. Social studies [History]        10. composition & letter writing

    4. General science                        11. Physical health Education

     5. creative practical art             12.  Religious moral education

    6.  Agriculturem                            13. reading

     7. Home economic                       14. quantitative

                                                                  15.  verbal reasoning


Grade 5 and six

1.  Mathematics                                           5. English Language

3. General paper                                         6. Quantitave aptitude

 4. Verbal aptitude

Note: The general paper is comprisis of five subjects which are: Social studies, physical health educatiobn, Agriculture, Science, and home economics. All these subjects are within one paper which is "general paper"

At the primary school level, the school aims to provide a solid foundation and a quality education that will put pupils in excellent performance in junior secondary school.

Children are excepted to attend all school activities  and they should attend them on time.

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