Provide School Amenities-FCC Education Officer

Education officer, Freetown City Council Henry Fyfe has urged government to assist with basic amenities.

He made this call, as he embarks on inspection of municipal schools and junior secondary schools.

He explained that during inspection it was discovered that most schools, both primary and junior secondary, lacked adequate furniture, and this is a recipe to spread ebola.

Fyfe maintained that it was agreed in a meeting before the reopening of schools, that adequate furniture including proper water and sanitation, which will further reduce the spread and control of the disease will be provided.

The Education officer further said that it is unethical for boys and girls in schools to use the same toilet facility, as was evident in one of the schools inspected.

On the issue of school subsidies, the FCC education officer disclosed that central government through the education ministry is now handling all subsidies to schools, which should be a devolved function to local councils.

However, Henry Fyfe noted that from the little revenue that council collects, it gives out to the various municipal schools, which is not enough to solve all the challenges in these schools, especially furniture and school learning materials, which are always in demand, as a result of constant use.

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