School Relocation

Many thanks to Safe Haven Adaptive Response Program [SHARP], it’s board members and the support of Mr. Daniel Woodard for making it possible for our school relocation to be successful. The mission of Safe Haven Adaptive Response Program is to help residents in the disaster prone slums and creeks relocate to a safe place, and our school has been among the the first to benefit. Students and families have also been helped by SHARP programs, as it responds to the desperate emergencies and needs of the victims of the floods in the slums.

With the new building, we gained a conducive environment to continue our education program and support children in our community. It is safer, more spacious, has better seating accommodations for pupils and teachers and, more students have been given the opportunity to be enrolled to school. A school bus has also been purchased for our school which has significantly impacted attendance. We thank Mr.Daniel Woodard and Miss Maya Patel for this gift, and for helping our school get a method of transportation from Congo Town to school. The new space is also a perfect environment to accommodate international volunteers who would like to come and contribute to our effort to make quality learning accessible for all.

“On the 5th April 2009, I had just 2 pupils in a zinc structure makeshift classroom in the slums of Congo Town, where it all started,” said Mr. Ibrahim A Kamara, founder and leader our school.

With such a wonderful achievement we have made, we know our prayers have been answered, and we would like to use this opportunity to thank all our supporters, donors, and friends for helping us achieve this goal!

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