The school time

The school day start with the bell at 8:20am and it is important pupils are punctual, ready to start the day on time. each school day start with an assembly and prayers are conducted. Thereafter, classes of 45 minutes duration each continues as indicated below. every pupil should make a point of duty to present at the assembly as important announcement are made at this gathering.

The school first period starts at 9:00 am prompt calling of registration and pupils readiness of materials

                Primary school

Assembly  —————————————————- 08: 20 am

1st Period begins——————————————- 09: 00 am

Lunch break begins—————————————-11: 20 am

Lunch break ends ——————————————12: 00 pm

ends of school day —————————————- 02: 00 pm


          Nursery school

Assembly——————————————– 08: 20 am

1st Period begins———————————– 09: 00 am

Lunch break begins———————————11: 20 am

Lunch break ends ———————————-12: 00 pm

ends of school day ——————————— 01: 00 pm


The Nursery school ends school at 1:00 pm and the primary end school at 2:00pm

The lunch time break goes for 40 minute from 11:20 am to 12:00 pm. Pupils are not allow to leave the school compound without  permission, from their class teacher or senior teacher. Pupils are highly encourage to take part in the school activities during lunch hour. The school operates with many shops and food snacks  items are sold at affordable prices during lunch time break. We also recommend parents prepare food for their children at home to school.

Note: ECS ends the feeding program first term because of low parents turnout. it has become a compulsory that every child should have  lunch to school and any child that doesn't have lunch will go home

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