End of school year

Empowering Children and Youths school Sierra Leone

Our school season for the 2011-2012 end on friday 29th june 2012,we hav a wonderful school season.

The children are in desperate need of education and specialized skills to reach their full potential.These children need a chance to defeat the terrible life of poverty which has already plagued their lives

The circumstances in Sierra Leone has left a generation of children unprepared to break this cycle of poverty. Education and training is desperately needed to help them cope with life so that they can emerge from the poverty crisis.

Last year, Many new coming pupils were turned away at the Empowering Children School because the school doesn’t have enough trained teachers or the basic school equipment for teachers and the children.

Most pupils do not have school books or pens. Our classrooms are small and there are often two classes being taught at the same time. It can be hectic, but the pupils look and listen attentively at their own teachers. How much they treasure the option of getting free education is clearly visible.


 we are excited for the progress at the empowering children school and our passion to interact with the world, had contributed greatly in the progress. We are seeing it as a new step any year of our oprations and we have stand with the challange to acomplish more.

“We are proud to say thanks to all our friends and partners who have been collaborating with us in the technology world, Currently, each child have a chair to seat on” Thanks to One Brick at a Time and Key Club

Ibrahim “We think we can use technology to transform our community to a community of creativity. Our friends in Emery weiner School end the year with us. We explore the mordern world, we learn great lessons and we also taste how exciting it is with technology.”



We end the year with a big smile. We got amazing chance to explore. we interact with the eight greader’s students of Emery/Weiner School in USA, they introduced us in there school, maked a video tour of there city, camphagn for us for technology and give us the chance to have access to technology in our school. Also they raise the reseources that complete our fee to pay for the renting of our school building for 2012 to 2013

The colabouratin was really an amazing one, that allow us to learn a lot about the world

Teachers with technology 

Teachers of ECYS are also on the training of learning how to use the computers and the internet to teach their students. Accessing computers in our community is expensive and this oppurtunuty given to us by our friends in Emery/Weiner School [to acess technology in our school] is a happness to everybody

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