Volunteer in Sierra Leone

The Empowering Children and Youth Sierra Leone organization hopes to connect with people who have the initiative, strength, and desire to make a difference.  It is also an opportunity for participants to explore the other side of life. We are looking for volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers will work for a time span ranging from two weeks to several months at the Empowering Children School in Sierra Leone.

Volunteer Online

Our school is connected to the fibre optic internet. We have a strong internet connection that can accommodate online teaching. Teach online


Volunteers will teach along with a base teacher. The two will share knowledge and subjects, and learn from each other.

Empower Teachers

Volunteers will facilitate a professional development program for teachers. Our developmental areas are Talk for Writing, the Responsive Classroom Approach, and ICT. We do not use corporal punishment.

Organize a Campaign

You can organize a campaign and raise funds for materials and supplies to continue promoting our education program.

Sponsor a Child

Twenty-five children are currently sponsored. These hopes and dreams of a brighter future for these children are assured with education, which is the best gift we can give each child. Help us make this number increase.

Curriculum Developer

Teach ICT, basic computer skills to teachers and pupils in small  groups.

Help with Community Projects

Volunteers can join or lead a local community program.

We are currently working with Safe Haven Adaptive Response Program SHARP. The vision of SHARP is to build a sustainable village to relocate families in the flood prone slums and creeks of Freetown, and empower children and youth with quality education and skills so that lives can be transformed for a brighter future. More about Safe Haven Adaptive Response Program


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  2. Hello, 

    I am currently studying mental health nursing postgraduate course and I am very interested in taking my elective placement (August-September 2016) abroad in Africa. I would ideally like to work with children as I am very passionate about this. 
    If possible, can I have some more information about the process to the projects and the overall costs of this please?
    I will be very grateful for your help.

  3. Good afternoon to this unique independent international NGO ,My Name is Alusine Koroma One Of the recent University Graduate From the University Of Sierra Leone,Fourah Bay College To Be Specefic With A First Class B.A Honours Degree In Sociology During The 29 Th December 2017 Convocation Ceremony,I Also Further Hold A Diploma With Dinction In Peace And Conflict Studies In 2014 From The Same Institution , My Main Motive Of Writing This Brief Message Is For The MSF Administration To Give Me Space Inorder To Work As A Volunteer In Sierra Leone At Any Of Their Base .I Will Be Very Greateful If Granted Such Opportunity Main While,I Can Be Easily Contacted On +23276107131/+23277981418 When Necessary thanks while patiently waiting for your response.Long Live MSF Long Live Sierra Leone From Alusine Koroma Freetown .


  5. I may like to be a volunteer in your organisation. Hope to hear from you at your most convenient time. Thanks

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