The free uniforms Project

 “since i put my child at the empowering children school i have been seeing improvements and it is the only school i have seen  free uniforms to children”  Parent

Uniforms supply in our school in Sierra Leone

Beginning of the school year 2012 to 2013, the empowering children school adopted the culture of wearing uniforms at school. It’s beautiful when we are in uniforms but the uniforms, how many can afford them?

congo town 2 I was communicating  with a class room at More Head High school,  North Carolina,  USA.  As my pupils weren’t  yet from holidays. I decided to share my childhood  experience so that  students at More Head High school would look at problems affecting other part of the world. It was my child soldier experienc , i was sharing that story while waiting for my Pupils to return back from holidays

lunch time 3

Even though on the previous meetings with parents we agreed on uniforms, the pupils return back from holidays, but it was disappointing. few children turn up, Few parents able to afford one uniform for their children while the majority weren’t and the attendance begin with just few with uniforms and majority doesn’t have. Many kids stop attending because they don’t have uniforms.


  Ibrahim “i was confuse and did not know what to do and i was wondering other method I could use to help the children ” The door of learning need to open for all children and all children need to accessed learning so that’s the tomorrow would be brighter for everyone.

empowering Children Sierra Leone

We took the stride to visit families and students who stopped attending school to find out the reasons why they are not in school or why the parents did not force their kids to school.  Stories of all the families are similar. For many students, it’s either they choose trading for survival or school with no food. While some have to stop school to trade and generate money to purchase the uniforms. Even though the school made it clear that uniforms should not be a problem to attendance but many families and students express they feel shy seeing other children have uniforms while them don’t have.

ec 1

Our friends in Morehead High School gave us the helping hands, through a fundraiser that was plan around  music, dance and other forms of creativity. The fundraiser from our friends in Morehead high school rescue many pupils in the Empowering children school from hard labor or petty trading, which was their only option to generate money for purchasing the uniforms.

Just Dance 2

Morehead high School funded the whole project, and it was Beyond our expectations.

Just Dance 8


It was successful and with the corporation of our operational Tailors  we able to prepare Two Uniforms Per child for all children in Our school.

 Just Dance 10

MS. Krista Stewart, we thank you. We thank you for giving us the chance to collaborated with your class. Even though it’s a world apart, with one vision we have accomplish a dream together

This is a picture of Joyous Pupils expressing thanks to more head School



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