The New School Year


Grade 3 class

We are on the third week of our operation in the new school year which is exciting. In the first week, pupils  wear their normal clothing as usual as the tailors were busy preparing their uniforms. We thank parents for their cooperation.

Yes it is part of our Sierra leone school culture. The parents and the school think, it is best for the students to have uniforms at school, You can come and enquire to Kona Moitenga for the uniforms. It is not compulsory you should have uniform before you attend school. We know most cannot afford the uniform cost and we are looking at if we able to get some helps, we can supply uniform to kids who are not fortunate to have uniforms yet.

 We have put a  $12  task annually as the Contribution from parents. Parents can pay full $12 or part payment which is $4 per term. This is not going to be enough to cover the teachers salaries and other school expenses [ maintenance and materials, light bills and water bills and rents], but it will push and that effort from some of the parents have shown us how they treasure our effort of educating their children in Congo town.
Grade five class is at the technology room

Over three months now we have not yet able to pay teachers salaries, and we are still looking at how we can sustain the Salaries of 6 teachers for five years. The teachers determine not to give up yet because the endeavor is for the children in our community and it requires all our hands to make a difference in different ways. Teachers salary is one of the priorities the school cannot run without the teachers. The school need he teachers to make the children be successful.

Late 2011, our partners  ONE BRCK AT A TIME organization and the SACRAMENTO AREA KEY CLUB support our school with chairs, tables and help the school with six months teachers salaries. This was amazing and this is what had keep the school to function normally to this time with good seating accommodation, and  the tables are also playing a great role in our school, School technologies are safe because all of them are on tables.

Grade i, 2, 3 rehearsing a song at the technology room

The majority of pupils in ECYS are vulnerable and we admire the effort of the parents corporations. The school is making all it’s maximum effort to save the children from illiteracy, to make the parents see the value of education and to encourage them to support their children to school.