The transition to a new approach

Over a year now, we have adopted the responsive classroom approach, though we still facing many challenges adapting to it practices. Yet we find the approach fun, exciting and friendly.  And it create the perfect environment to implement our new policy which is also been adopted from our partner school in Uk St Mary Queen Voluntary catholic Academy.

With sometime, we have realised physical punishment makes no sense in a school community, more especially a community that dream of a future of love and peace and eradicate violence and respect children and their right

It is more better to teach them pupils how to fix when they break than to flog them when they break

It is better to teach them how to make when they spoilt than to flog them when they spoilt

It is more better to teach them how to clean when they mess the bathroom than to flog them when the mess bathroom

You break it you fix it

Responsive Classroom approach makes so much sense in our community and creates a perfect environment for our academics, mission and vision.  Thanks to our mother in Virginia for giving us an eye opener. And Thanks to a volunteer, who spent two weeks with staffs lecturing the impact of positive discipline and the effect of corporal punishment in classrooms.  

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